Happiness is a Warm Puppy Quote

From: Peanuts


Who said it? Lucy Van Pelt, the Peanuts Gang

A little bit about the quote. This quote is from Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, one of the best-known newspaper comics. The comic strip focuses primarily on a group of children with distinct personalities. The strip evolved from simple gags into some very long stories.

This quote is now a popular slogan among the Peanuts crew. The first time the quote was used in the comic strip is from an early issue. Lucy, the “crabby person” of the neighborhood, petted Snoopy. She gives the dog a big hug and then delivers the quote.

Geek Wisdom Some of life’s simplest pleasures are free. Many people forget this, and instead try to fill their life with material things that might give them temporary joy but are not fulfilling. Find something pure and simple that brings you joy.


Happiness Is a Warm Puppy ” is, in essence, another way to say “Happiness Is Simple.” We think that’s so, so right. Happiness is not something you can achieve by getting more stuff, more status, or just more. You can experience satisfaction with your “warm dog”. Perhaps, a warm dog is what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s quiet time on the backyard swing. You can enjoy watching your family eat. You just baked cookies. The feeling of accomplishment at the end a long race.

You can find satisfaction in many different things. The key is to grasp on to these moments and things, and to understand the satisfaction that comes from experiencing them. Do not allow yourself to think that you have to constantly work towards and acquire satisfaction. Find satisfaction in enough. Find your warm dog!

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