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Unforgettable Quotes From André The Giant In ‘The Princess Bride’: A Tribute To A Larger-Than-Life Legend

André the Giant Princess Bride Quotes Introduction The Princess Bride, a beloved 1987 romantic fantasy adventure film, has captivated audiences for decades with its memorable characters and quotable lines. One of the standout performers in the movie was André the Giant, a professional wrestler and actor. André’s portrayal of Fezzik, a gentle giant with a…

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The Memorable Quotes Of Andre The Giant In ‘The Princess Bride’: Timeless Words From A Legendary Wrestler

Andre the Giant Princess Bride Quotes Quote 1: Anybody want a peanut? – Andre the Giant When Fezzik, played by Andre the Giant, utters these words in the iconic film The Princess Bride, it instantly becomes one of the most memorable lines of the movie. This humorous quote is delivered by Andre the Giant’s character…

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